Vinyl. By yard and feet as much as you need

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Vinyl wrap material


Ideal for those who would like to do-it-yourself.  60 inch wide premium wrap film sold by linear yard. This film is commonly used for vehicle colour change as an alternative to paint job

Series 1080  Chrome, Matte, Gloss, Carbon Fiber of any color.

Supreme Wrapping Film SW900, Color Flow Rising Sun, Urban Jungle, Roaring Thunder, Fresh Spring, Rushing Riptide

Need a special vinyl ? Mossy Oak Camouflage, Zebra, Military Camo Wrap Vinyl – check it out!

If you like to get something truly unique you can bring an image you like to be printed on vinyl.

Do not have an image ? Let us help you with design or choose from the library of ready-to-print custom images we are offering. Custom images are printed on high quality wrap vinyl film and laminated with gloss, matte or carbon fiber finish.

What is Carbon Fiber ?

A Carbon Fiber is a special type of a FINISH of a vinyl material, not a color. A proper carbon fiber material has a very specific texture which looks like interlaced bright and dark lines. In other words it is not smooth and you could feel it with a touch of your hand. This texture makes it shine in a very specific way and sometimes provides an in-depth 3D look of the material.

Quite often the term of Carbon Fiber is mistakenly referred to only single type of 3M vinyl film (1080 CF12) which is indeed labeled ‘Carbon Fiber Black’. However there are other colors of the same finish available. More to that, a carbon fiber finish of 3M could be applied to any color or image, making your wrap job a very unique one. Remember, the proper carbon fiber finish has not just a look, but a tangible texture to it.