Rock Guard Clear 3M Paint Protection Film. Installation.

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Rock Guard 3M Clear Paint Protection Film (PPF)


Alberta drivers know our roads are home to stray rocks and other debris that can easily nick or chip your car’s paint job, requiring costly retouching and sometimes even a full repainting.

Some people choose car bras to minimize the damage, but these are pretty far from elegant or stylish and don’t provide full-body protection. Safeguard your vehicle. Clear coat film with self-healing property will preserve your vehicle’s paint job and its value by invisibly protecting against scratches and chips.

Pricing starts at $160 for hood protection

Alberta Car Wrap uses both Suntek and 3M paint protection film (like an invisible car bra, applied to any panel you like) to preserve the value of your vehicle by protecting its most vulnerable areas from accidental scratching.

We use computer-controlled cutting drawing from our library of model-specific templates (with custom options available) to ensure perfect fit, every time with absolutely minimal on-vehicle cutting required – most often, none at all. All standard templates are made by computer-controlled cutter, a non-standard custom installation is available too.

3M or Suntek paint protection film may take as little as 1 to 2 hours to install in-house and if you’re comfortable applying car paint protection yourself, we also offer clear-bra DIY kits you can order receive by mail or pick up in our production office.

These include full or partial (18″ or 24″) hood, bumper, fenders and mirror protection, although fine automobile enthusiasts often prefer to shield their entire cars for an even better insurance against stray road debris.

Our car paint protection film installs flawlessly and is easy to remove & replace. It will not damage your vehicle’s paint job and will preserve its value by invisibly protecting against scratches and chips.

Get a free cost estimate, or give us a call to get answers and reserve your time slot or order your DIY invisible pre-cut kit today.

*To avoid unnecessary charges and ensure a perfect installation, please arrive with a reasonably clean vehicle for us to work on (and, if you prefer DIY car paint protection, make sure to wash and prepare your vehicle properly before installation).


Door Edges Paint Protection


Happen to open a door in a busy parking lot? Chances are that you may accidentally damage door edges when they are opened against a neighboring car, wall/pole or other object.

Door edges area is highly prone to damage and frequently suffer from small chips that can rust and peel off over time. Paint may chip off and door will get exposed to rust later on.

Pricing starts at $50 for door edges protection

Think of the door edge protection film. With an investment of as little as $50 for two doors (in a bundle with any other paint protection product or $85 standalone) you can protect edges of your door from the accidental damages and preserve the appearance of your vehicle.



Pre-cut kits for do-it-yourself enthusiasts

For businesses and those who prefer doing-it-yourself way we offer a pre-cut clear paint protection kits. Let us know make/model/year of the vehicle and we will provide you with a computer-cut kit based on the digital template.

Standard kits for do-it-yourself installation include:

–  24″ (inch) hood kit
–  Fenders and mirrors kit
–  Bumper kit

– Other kits as required

Please note that you may need to get  some tools, in case if you did not have ones.