Commercial business fleet graphics

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For memorable, visible company vehicles


All fleets have vehicles, that much is a given. And so many of them simply blend together it’s tough for your customers to tell one from the other, let alone remember a name or logo. Your vehicles make your team’s first impression when they roll up the road, and also serve as mobile advertisements for your services. The right graphics can make all the difference in helping you stand out above the rest as a credible, professional service provider – and help distinguish your company from others like it.

Back Windshield Graphics starts at $195

We use high-quality vinyl and laminate to ensure perfect application, lasting brightness, and a long lifespan for every installation. Virtually any design you can imagine can be applied to literally any vehicle you want – the only limit is your brand’s imagination. Our garage bay can fit any vehicle from small car to 53 feet trailer. Once manufactured, the typical installations of full-body custom fleet graphics will take approximately up to 2-3 days for pickup truck sized vehicle.

If you have your own artwork ready it’s important to send us your design in advance so we can calculate dimensions to match your vehicles’ curves and contours, thanks to our extensive library of model-specific templates. For  price quotation simply provide us with  vehicle’s make, model and year. With only 50% deposit on total price we will start right away.

Extra charges may apply if your vehicles have custom body modifications and if you’d like to include special perforated window films in your graphics, so the best way is to stop by for inspection or send us a pictures of your vehicle

Please ensure your vehicles arrive undamaged and reasonably clean to guarantee flawless installation of your custom fleet graphics.


Full Graphics Wrap


Full coverage of the painted areas of the vehicle will ensure the best visibility of your business brand. You may also choose to extend graphics to side and back windows. We use a premium 3M perforated vinyl film which provides a reasonable visibility for the driver, while from the exterior it will just complement the rest of the wrap.

Full graphics wrap starts at $1800 (Smart Car or like)

Full-vehicle vinyl wraps and graphics make all the difference for brand recognition. Whether you’re customizing individual units and regional dispatches or designing a uniform fleet that always stands out at a glance, car art helps distinguish your vehicles from the rest.



Half Wrap or 3/4 Wrap


Partial coverage is a good and cost efficient option to choose if your design allows to use vehicle body as a background. To obtain a firm quotation send us your design files and we will provide the most economical production and installation option

Custom printed vehicle graphics – including logos, photos, and anything else you can think of – add a professional flair to an otherwise unremarkable unit. Prospects take notice and are far more likely to remember seeing your company when they’re ready to contract your services. We create to-order exterior auto wraps and window graphics,printed on perforated film.