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Custom Vehicle Decals: eye-catching fleets for better brand visibility

Fleet decals are a smart, economical way to distinguish your vehicles from all the rest. With your logo (or other design) clearly visible whether a unit’s driving or parked, potential customers know your brand’s active, prominent, and ready to deliver professional service. Vinyl graphic decals are the most affordable choice for startups and established businesses. Many businesses choose vinyl graphic decals to display their logos alongside vehicle lettering for easy readability and extra visual impact. Custom vehicle decals are fast and easy to install and same time could be replaced as needed, for instance if you decided to change your corporate identity.

While that’s the most popular option to go with you corporate logo, we can also apply any custom design you’d like – and if you don’t have a logo yet, our in-house designer can help you develop the perfect look for your fleet decals. Vinyl graphic decals are an economical choice for startups and established businesses alike, with a low per-unit installation cost, almost no down-time, and a long lifespan. We use premium vinyl from top manufacturers to ensure strong resistance to the weather conditions and bright, lasting colors.

Fleet decals can be applied to any on your vehicles – windows and doors are the most common spots, but your options are wide open. Whether you’ll be installing fleet decals yourself or visiting us in-shop, please ensure your vehicles’ paint is undamaged and reasonably clean – this avoids extra charges but more importantly helps protect your investment, extending your fleet decals’ lifespan and damage resistance with a flawless application.

We offer decals of all types and sizes. Different installation options are available. You may choose to use our professional installation services or order decals for your do-it-yourself job. There are multiple ways to produce the same decal. We are always looking at the most efficient way of manufacturing, saving time and money to our customers.

Vinyl Cut Lettering

If your decal contains only letters of one color and you plan to put it on flat or slightly curved surface then computer cut vinyl lettering is a way to go. Although it is relatively simple, this type of a decal is the most cost efficient and fast to produce, as it does not involve printing, curing and lamination.

Back windshield lettering installed starts at  $100

For black or white letters it may be done relatively quickly while you are waiting in our guest area. For colorful it may take longer, depending of colors availability in the shop. All you need to prepare is a good message. We will make a mock up for your review and approval.

Print and cut decals

In some cases when logo is a graphic image or it is closely intertwined with the letters, it makes sense to print it on a whole sheet of vinyl and apply over the installation surface.

While printing requires more efforts to produce, it allows for more options. Virtually with the printed decals your options of graphics are endless. We could assist with a custom design or offer to choose from our library of high-resolution images.

Printed decals start at $50

The type of the surface and purpose make difference. Is installation surface smooth or riveted / corrugated? Is it paint or glass? Is it for short or long term?  Knowing the answers to these questions helps to eliminate unnecessary charges and choose a right material. We use transparent, perforated and self-adhesive non-transparent premium vinyl films of 3M.

Small size of this type of decal is relatively simple to install. We’ll print the number you need and mail them to you for easy self-installation if you choose to do so. For larger vinyl graphic decals, which require high-precision application, we recommend visiting our shop for professional installation.

Combination of both printed and cutting technologies may produce the best results when graphic design contains 2 colors and your design allows using installation surface as a background color. Mind that the logo design has to come in a vector format.

Feel free to send us your design ideas and we will make the technology working for you.