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Decorative colorful vinyl wraps: dress your vehicle in style to match your own

Choosing a vehicle’s a very personal decision. And once you do, you start to notice how many others just like it you’re sharing the road with. Imagine wearing the same off-the-shelf outfits as everybody else, day in, day out. You wouldn’t do that with your wardrobe, so why should your car be just another vehicle when you can make it a unique extension of your personality?

Full color change wrap starts at $1800  (Smart Car or like)

Simple color change from matte and gloss to carbon fiber and brushed metal finish If you like to get something truly unique, we offer a selection of ready-to-print custom images or we could print an an image of your choice. Custom images are printed on high quality wrap vinyl film and laminated with gloss, matte or carbon fiber finish.

Don’t overpay or get stuck with less-than-perfect vinyl: Alberta Car Wrap offers premium-quality vehicle graphics at practical prices fully backed by manufacturers’ guarantees. Got a design in mind? Ordering custom-printed couldn’t be easier: simply provide us with your vehicle’s make, model, and year and upload your design. You’ll get receive a custom estimate and can place your order with a 50% deposit on purchase price.

Full color change wrap

Our exterior wrap covers all the painted areas the vehicle. Depending on the model and styling mirrors, door handles and spoilers may also be included to the full body wrap. Unlike paint job the vinyl wrap could be easily removed and replaced and it is priced much lower too. More to that, if you are skilled enough you may get a vinyl material and try to do-it-yourself.

You may choose from the variety of finishes. In addition to traditional gloss and matte now available are textured finishes like carbon fiber and brushed metal. Indeed, those finishes are now available for any image of your choice.

Everyone’s got a ride. But nobody has yours… make it your own, from  window graphics to a full exterior wrap.


Partial wraps, color match, hood graphics, bumper wraps, roof, handles, mirrors, trims  and accents

A little decoration goes a long way. With custom hood graphics  we can help you make a real statement ! Compared to full body wrap, partial wraps are more affordable, yet effective alternative.  You can choose from a great selection of options available for hood and roof wraps. Mix and match different colors, add an accents and your car will stand out of the crowd. Simple color change from matte and gloss to carbon fiber and chrome finish.

Think of partial wraps like wardrobe accessories: the perfect personal touch, easily changeable with seasons and even for specific trips or events (like a birthday, wedding, or even an ad campaign). We offer a huge variety of colors – with a library of swatches you can check out any time in our shop – and use top-quality vinyl from leading manufacturers to ensure bright decorative graphics with long life and easy, affordable replacement.

Your car’s an extension of your personality – and it should be one of a kind, just like you. Want to get noticed? Wrap your car in unique character using any design you like, even photos and custom printed vehicle graphics, and make yours the hottest ride on the road.

Bumper wrap starts at $300 

If you like to get something truly unique,Now you can bring an image you like to be printed on vinyl and applied on top of the hood. Do not have an image ? Let us help you with design or choose from the library of ready-to-print custom images we are offering. Custom images are printed on high quality wrap vinyl film and laminated with gloss, matte or carbon fiber finish.

Car art’s the best way to express your style. Sure, you might have a custom interior or some extra power under the hood. But only those in the know can tell… when you roll up in a car with custom-printed graphics, everyone knows three things immediately: you’re into tuning, know your cars, and aren’t afraid to express your unique personality.



Rims, bikes, fairings wraps

Wrapping rims with matte gloss and rainbow vinyl film. Preparation of the surface is a very first step. It has to be clean and of right temperature to apply vinyl on it. Next step is to apply a piece of vinyl material over the exterior surface of the rim. Then work it in using a heat gun, cut excess and make sure it sticks well all around.

Rims wraps start at $150 per rim



Special Wrap

Not only vehicles, but many other items could be  wrapped inside-out with vinyl cut lettering or graphics applied on top. Special wraps include furniture, fridges, containers, c-cans, freezers and many other custom items where vinyl would stick to. Get hold of us to find out.

Just one thing: please make sure your vehicle’s paint is undamaged and reasonably clean. This helps guarantee a flawless, lasting application and avoid extra charges